We want you to be a success!

We want you to know how important

your job is each and every day!

Work as a telephone agent

If you are looking for a company that has a family feel and that puts employees first, we are the company for you!

Your dream job is a Zoom away!

Steps to apply

1. Email us to get details at



2. Attend our Zoom introduction sessions.

Every Monday, 9:00 EST and 1:00 EST.

Benefits to working at TR

There is a lot of opportunities in the job market now.

Why choose us over another company?

We are passionate

With us, you aren’t just a number. Our management staff knows everyone by name, they know your strengths and opportunities.


We value

We have a weekly meeting to announce performance winners and provide incentives when you meet your targets.


We care

We work with you to meet your goals and excel in your role.


We are a team!

We aren’t all about the numbers, we are a team working together to make a difference for our clients.


Our location

We have remote agents working all over the continental US.

We are headquartered in Florida and have a satellite location in Texas.

Our positions are remote!

Reduce your carbon footprint and work from home.

Full-time and part-time positions available.


Flexible schedules. Day, evenings, and weekend shifts available.

Targeted Results in the words of our team

We're family!


“Targeted Results has been the best work from home experience I have had working for call centers for 2+ years. From training to production, you are never left alone or made to feel like you’re not important. Not only are we coworkers, but we’re family.”

– Ashlynne Denton

Managers are great!


“Working for targeted results has been an amazing experience. I have been working for this company for a year and a few months now. Managers are great, very patient, understanding, and helpful. I also love how you can move up in the company and always room to grow!”

– Vlyssis Boulware

A great place to be!


“From training to now being on the floor all the managers involved have been amazing far better than anywhere else I have ever worked before I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a better job. This is a great place to be.”

– Mathew Osborne

Having a supportive team is a blessing


“I love working for Targeted-Results. The whole staff is amazing. I have never had managers so nice and understanding, as the whole company is, and being able to work from home and having a supportive team is a blessing.”

– Shawna Carrillo

Everyone is amazing and friendly


“Working with Targeted Results has been a great experience. There is a lot to learn, but the managers really do a great job at trying to help you overcome difficulties.

I personally have enjoyed the teams because everyone is always so encouraging and supportive. It has been a truly great opportunity to be a part of the targeted-results family, everyone is amazing and friendly and I hope we all feel the same way because the support is never-ending. “

– Alisia Coley

An extremely positive experience!


“Working at Targeted Results for over a year has been an extremely positive experience!

Everyone here works very hard to boost the success of the company, and the management team is always there to lend a helping hand if needed. When first starting out it can be a bit overwhelming with the pace of the job and the strategy flow that you must follow. But thanks to the constant reassurance and training from management I can say that my sales skills have improved immensely from when I first started. On top of them helping you improve your own working abilities; the company will try to work with you on any problems that may arise.

Overall, the company is still growing and it creates a very fun and uplifting environment to be around; everyone here is giving it their all and there is always more to improve on!”

– Daren Chavez

10/10 I would recommend


“I really do love working here at Targeted. The ability to have such a flexible schedule while having all opportunities to make up and keep to schedule is amazing. Allows room for less stress should anything important come up in daily life.

As well as not just the manager assigned to you, but all other surrounding managers involved look out and work their hardest to ensure you’re successful. To top it all off each and every one is ready and willing to have your back in every way possible. They definitely look out for their agents and have a compassion for us that’s definitely refreshing and rare to see in a lot of workforce places in the current day. The town hall meeting/recognition is also personally a favorite of mine as the higher-ups in the company actively like being involved with us which personally is an effort that doesn’t go unnoticed, at least to me.

Overall working here has been an amazing experience so far and continues to be one. 10/10 would recommend.”

– Ethan Keebler

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